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Define your Topics of interest

When you install NewsCrawler, it brings a preset series of topics by which the application performs a search within the selected RSS feeds.

Filter your News

Possibility to filter the news by keywords, which is very useful when the user is interested in particular topics

Current Weather

Information on the current weather in your area, as well as the forecast for the rest of the week.

Access to social networks

It is no longer necessary to access the websites of specific social networks, as you can log into them from NewScrawler.

Access to social networks

Set your preferences on news and NewsCrawler will search through all the daily news and show you only what interests.

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Personal and easily configurable newspaper

NewsCrawler is your personal and easily configurable newspaper, which serves as a home page of your browser. With ifishnews you can define keywords or "topics" used to filter the relevant news. Ifishnews also allows interaction with social networks such as Facebook, where, for example, ifishnews will display the most important posts or remind your friends' birthdays. Ifishnews uses RSS (Really Simple Syndication)technology, which the most important newspapers use to share their posts . With ifishnews you will need neither to search nor to add RSS sources, ifishnews will do all that for you, and besides it will suggest you several initial topics that you can adjust to your taste, if you want. This method of work, different from the ones used by competitors, ensures total user privacy.

NewsCrawler has other important utilities, all of them located on the home page for quick access. Among others, you can find a weather forcast for the current day, as well as for the whole week. Also on the main page you can see the RSS feeds used as the news sources, as well as the active topics chosen for news filtering. All that is thoroughly configured for a quick news reading and saving a precious time of the user.

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I set my keywords and the system filters the news that are of most interest to me." Very good application"

Van Marxveldt (Holland)

"With newscrawler i save a lot of time since I have the most important news together with my favorite social network posts all in one placeā€

Eckard Krakauer (Germany)

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